non RADIO Mental

26-27/11/2021 @ Bread & Roses Theatre, London

nonRADIO Mental

Episode 1:
my heart in a bottle

An on-stage live radio show:
A platform to set loose various thoughts about
the human soul, nature, and how we deal with loss. 

A little, unrefined, deep-down-to-earth gig,
intended for all those imperfect spirits.

Feel free to close your eyes, your ears, experience…
Offer a touch of support to the person next to you…
Talk to any of us, interrupt…
Ask for a hug, come closer, dream…
It’s ok, it really is!

Come and sit around the fire. 

Get immersed in ancient mythology,
modern poetry and children’s books,
alongside music made by your next-door neighbour
and songs from all over the world.

THEATRE BOX OFFICE £10/£8 (tickets for the live shows only) SUPPORTER PACK £14.99  (ticket & digital content) ONLINE BROADCAST £1.99  (access to digital content only)


Clues, photos, snippets and more about the shows are being shared on Telegram Signal (click for invitation links).

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 Books/writing: #TheHeartAndTheBottle #Alone #ADreamWithinADream
#OliverJeffers #EdgarAllanPoe

Mythology: #Hestia #TheMythOfEr #Clotho

Music: #HenryPurcell #EverlyBrothers #GregEmfietzis

...and many more!