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I am a London-based sound artist / composer, performer / producer and educator. This webpage functions as an archive of my creative work and collaborations.

You can check my interview at Tim Rutherford-Johnson's blog, and some reviews on thespyinthestalls, bachtrack and livelondonpost.

It might also worth checking my work with the Metapraxis Ensemble.

Blogs & Profiles

Occasionally, I post about my current work as sound artist & designer on Tumblr and release some of my music on Spotify and Bandcamp.

My older blog about my activity as composer (between 2011-18) lives on Wordpress, and recordings of the music can be found on Soundcloud and Vimeo (and below).

Scores of my music are published by Universal Edition.

Archive list of

29-31/05: Murcia, Spain
New Work

for Dance & Multimedia

 § Piedad Albarracin Seiquer

 ^ Reactivo cultural línea

 Puertas de Castilla

 @ Cuartel de Artillería

 05/02 : London, UK
Multimodal Communication through Sound & Image
MA Workshop

§ School of Arts
@ Kingston University

10/12: London, UK
Electra Untitled

 § Vertebra Theatre
@ Arcola Theatre

21-26/8: Edinburgh, UK
An Ice Thing To Say (as part of)
Edinburgh Fringe

 § Vertebra Theatre
@ Lime studio, Greenside venues

10/06 : London, UK
M8: Meet Mingle Play
Family Workshop

§ Metapraxis Ensemble
@ Landmark Arts Centre

4-6/4: London, UK
Electra Untitled

 § Vertebra Theatre
@ The Cockpit

11/03 : London, UK
M7: Music:Building
Family Workshop

§ Metapraxis Ensemble
@ Landmark Arts Centre

28-30/1: London, UK
An Ice Thing To Say (as part of)
Vault Festival

 § Vertebra Theatre
@ Cavern, The Vaults

17/9: London, UK
Recycled Sounds Installation (as part of)
Trash to Treasure Fest

 @ Landmark Arts Centre

11/9: Utrecht, Netherlands
Hestia (as part of)
Let Me Tell You Something

 § Angela Hui Wai Nok
@ Gaudeamus

26-27/11: London, UK
nonRADIO Mental

 § Angela Hui, Myrto Loulaki
@ Bread & Roses Theatre

29/10: London, UK
Hestia (as part of)
Let Me Tell You Something

 § Angela Hui Wai Nok

27-28/07 : Hong Kong
Hestia (as part of)
Let Me Tell You Something

 § Angela Hui Wai Nok
@ Cattle Depot Artist Village

15/06 : Gerrards Cross, UK
Codex Rex Requiem

 @ St Joseph's Parish

09-24/12 : Murcia, Spain
Duelo Por Un Tiempo Que Una Vez Fue

 § Piedad Albarracin Seiquer
^ Reactivo cultural línea
Puertas de Castilla
@ Cuartel de Artillería

07/11 : London, UK
An Ice Thing To Say

 § Vertebra Theatre Company
^ Talos SciFi Theatre Festival
@ The Cockpit / Online Performance

09/07 : Reykjavik, Iceland
An Ice Thing To Say

 § Vertebra Theatre Company
^ Reykjavik Fringe Theatre Festival
@ Live Online Performance

04/06 : London, UK

 § Angela Wai Nok Hui

16/05 : Brighton, UK
An Ice Thing To Say

 § Vertebra Theatre Company
@ Open Air Theatre

01-31/05 : London, UK
Online Music Workshops

§ Metapraxis Ensemble
@ Live Online & Pre-recorded

27&28/03 : London, UK
M6: Sisyphus Distressing

 § Metapraxis Ensemble
@ The Bread & Roses Theatre

10&11/03 : Bristol, UK
M6: Sisyphus Distressing

 § Metapraxis Ensemble
@ Alma Tavern & Theatre

07/02 : Athens, Greece
Fear (not)

 § Aeolos Woodwind Quintet
^ Μια γέφυρα μουσικής
πάνω από την Συγγρού Vol.5

 @ Onassis Cultural Centre Athens

03/11 : London, UK
M7: Music:Building
Family Workshop

§ Metapraxis Ensemble

08/10 : London, UK
M7: Music:Building
School Workshop

§ Metapraxis Ensemble
@ Jubilee Primary, Lambeth

02/06 : London, UK
M7: Winter Journey

 § Metapraxis Ensemble
@ Cafe OTO

25/05 : Berlin, Germany
At the Heart of Things

 § Vertebra Theatre Company
^ ArtHaus Berlin Theatre Festival
@ Eden Studios

13/04 : London, UK
M7: Winter Journey

 § Metapraxis Ensemble
@ Omnibus Theatre

09-13/04 : London, UK
Dark Matter

 § Vertebra Theatre Company
^ A Piece of the Continent Festival
@ Tristan Bates Theatre

02/02 : London, UK
M7: Winter Journey

 § Metapraxis Ensemble
@ Hundred Years Gallery

29/01 : London, UK
Little is left to tell
Gluttony: Live to Drink

 § A.Hui, I.Ikse & L.Loulaki
^ Borough New Music: Series 12

 Featured Composer:
Gregory Emfietzis

 @ St George the Martyr

15/11 : London, UK
M6: Sisyphus Distressing

 § Metapraxis Ensemble
^ Voila! Europe Theatre Festival
@ The Cockpit Theatre

21/09 : New York, USA
At the Heart of Things

 § Vertebra Theatre Company
@ Castillo Theatre

08/07 : Vienna, Austria
DIY1: the pianist & the lamp

 § Bataclava Quintet
^ Concierto Para Quinteto

 @ Mozarthaus Vienna

04/07 : London, UK
M6: Sisyphus Distressing

 § Metapraxis Ensemble
@ Cafe OTO

19-22/04 : London, UK
At the Heart of Things

 § Vertebra Theatre Company
@ Blue Elephant Theatre

10/04 : Vienna, Austria
Little is left to tell
§ Loukia Loulaki
^ Unbegleitet - Konzertzyklus

 @ Mi Barrio

27/03 : London, UK
M6: Sisyphus Distressing

 § Metapraxis Ensemble
@ Blue Elephant Theatre

23/03 : Nottingham, UK
At the Heart of Things

 § Vertebra Theatre Company
^ The Party Somewhere Else Festival
@ Nottingham Playhouse

14 & 18/11 : London, UK
At the Heart of Things

 § Vertebra Theatre Company
^ Voila! Europe Festival
@ Cockpit Theatre

07/11 : London, UK
M6: Sisyphus Distressing

 § Metapraxis Ensemble

22-26/08 : Edinburgh, UK
Dark Matter

 § Vertebra Theatre Company
^ Edinburgh Fringe Festival
@ Greenside Venue

19/07 : Leeds, UK
Gluttony: Live to Drink
7 deadly sins project

 § J.Wilson & T.Martin
@ Leeds College of Music

04/07 : Vienna, Austria
The Black Art of Obscurantism
§ Loukia Loulaki
^ WIENtegriert:

 WISE Chamber Music Festival

 @ Altes Rathaus, Bank Austria Salon

23/06 : Sheffield, UK
An ice thing to say

 § Vertebra Theatre Company
^ Migration Matters Festival
@ Moor Theatre Delicatessen

 13/06 : London, UK
Dark Matter

 § Vertebra Theatre Company
^ Creativity and Wellbeing Week
@ Little Angel Theatre

 05/06 : York, UK
Gluttony: Live to Drink:
7 deadly sins project

 § J.Wilson & A.Pepelasis
^ Creative Processes
in the Arts Conference
@ York University

01/06 : Brighton, UK
Dark Matter

 § Vertebra Theatre Company
^ Brighton Fringe
@ Rialto Theatre

 12/05 : Glasgow, Scotland
Gluttony: Live to Drink:
7 deadly sins project

 § J.Wilson & A.Pepelasis
^ Sound Thought Festival
@ Centre for Contemporary Arts

06/11 : London, UK
Homeland Project

 § Vertebra Theatre Company
^ Nour Festival
@ Drayton Arms Theatre

12/09 : Utrecht, The Netherlands
Sisyphus Victimised ^ 42nd International

 Computer Music Conference
@ TivoliVredenburg

08/10 : Yerevan, Armenia
L'Antigonie Dance Project

 § CONSENSUS Dance Company
^ High Fest Int. Performing Arts Festival
@ State Chamber Theatre

 24/09 : London, UK
Dark Matter

 § Vertebra Theatre Company
@ Omnibus Theatre

 10 & 11/08 : London, UK
Dark Matter

 § Vertebra Theatre Company
@ Etcetera Camden Theatre

 08 & 09/05 : London, UK
L'Antigonie Dance Project

 § CONSENSUS Dance Company
§ Metapraxis Ensemble

 @ Tripspace Projects

 14/05 : Athens, Greece

§ G.Tsangarakis & V.F.Kiazimi
^ Greek Composers' Union's
Concert Series
@ Fillipos Nakas Conservatory

02/12 : Athens, Greece

§ Duo Arsis (S.Lampouras & M.Makri)
^ Greek Composers' Union's

Concert Series
@ Fillipos Nakas Conservatory

20/07 : London, UK

The song of the dead
^ Aldeburgh Music's
English Song Project
§ V.Conacher & J.Barnoin
@ Club Inegales

14/07 : Frankfurt, Deutschland

The song of the dead
§ T.Mpasdekis & P.Tukiainen
^ Master-Abschluss-Konzert
@ Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende
Kunst Frankfurt am Main

24/05 : Lanciano, Italy

^ (Con)fusioni 2014
§ Duo Macle
@ Auditorium Diocleziano

11-15/03 : London, UK

 ^ Dark Matter
^ Vertebra Theatre Company
@ Omnibus Theatre

 22/03 : Aldeburgh, UK

^ Aldeburgh Music's
^ English Song Project
§ R.Edgar-Wilson & H.Watkins
@ Snape Maltings

22/02 : Athens, Greece

^ ABOUT's residency
§ Angelica Cathariou
@ Theocharakis Auditorium

11/01 : London, UK

^ London Symphony Orchestra's

^ Soundhub Showcase (B)
§ London Symphony Orchestra

@ LSO St. Lukes

08/12 : London, UK

^ New Music Show 4
§ London Sinfonietta

@ Southbank Centre

25/11 : Pescara, Italy

§ Duo Macle
@Spazio Matta

22/09 : London, UK

^ Some Recent Silences
§ Apartment House

@ Kings Place

11/08 : Brezzo, Italy

^ "I Concerti di Casa Paolo"
§ Duo Macle

29 & 30/06 : Athens, Greece

^ Greek National Opera's Competition
§ Greek National Opera Orch.

@ Olympia Theatre - Lyriki Skini

15/06 : London, UK

^ "Music Impossible" project
§ Metapraxis Ensemble

@ All Saints Church, East Sheen

04/06 : Vienna, Austria

^ Wiener Konzerthaus's Competition
"Towards the Next 100 Years"

§ Berlin & Vienna Philharm.

@ Mozart-Saal, Wiener Konzerthaus

24, 25 & 26/05 : London, UK

^ "Music Impossible" project
§ Metapraxis Ensemble

@ Iris Theatre, Covent Garden

21/05 : Athens, Greece

§ Duo Ergon-a-Taston
^ (T.Sikelianou & A.Papanikolaou

@ Athenaeum Cultural Centre

18/05 : London, UK

^ London Symphony Orchestra's

Soundhub Showcase (A)
§ Metapraxis Ensemble

@ LSO St. Lukes

16/01 : London, UK

^ LSO Soundhub Workshop
§ LSO players & GSMD students

@ LSO St. Lukes


26/10 : Leeds, UK

^ pR_1: [Post]Analogue

 § Underscore

@ Leeds University

19-20/10 : Coventry, UK

^ INTIME 2012 Symposium

§ Madeleine Shapiro

@ Coventry University

28-30/08 : Bordeaux, France

^ Temp'όra International Meeting

for Musical Creation

§ Duo Macle

@ Le Rocher de Palmer

27/03 : clockopera.com

^ Clock Operation Debut Track

§ ThisIsFakeDIY

27/02 : London, UK

^ pR_1: [Post]Analogue

§ Underscore

@ Goldsmiths University


24/10 : London, UK

^ pR_1: [Post]Analogue

§ Underscore

@ St Anne's Church

11 & 12/8 : London, UK

^ Tête à Tête Opera Festival

§ Warehouse Ensemble

@ Riverside Studios

 16/6 : London, UK

^ Researching the Arts Conference

§ Metapraxis Ensemble

@ Brunel University

29/5 : Vilnius, Lithuania

^ Druskomanija Festival

§ OnePlusOne

@ Druskininkai Town Museum

26/5 : New York, USA

^ Contagious Sounds Concert Series


@ Gershwin Hotel

3/4 : Surrey, UK

^ Japan Tsunami Appeal Concert

§ Nao Maebayashi, Red Cross Fundraising

18/3 : Grimsby, UK

^ Lightworks Festival 2011
@ Grimsby Minister

10/3 : London, UK

^ Chaos Theory Concert Series

§ Metapraxis Ensemble

@ Blag Club

18/2 : Apeldoorn, Holland

^ YCM 2011

§ Orkest de Ereprijs

@ Gigant Filmtheater


28/11 : london, uk

^ ekon festival

§ metapraxis ensemble

@ theatro technis

18/11 : london, uk

^ music orbit showcase series

§ metapraxis ensemble

@ chelsea theatre

12/9 : london, uk

§ nao maebayashi

@ roehampton university

22/7 : darmstadt, germany

^ darmstadt institute

§ asamisimasa ensemble

18/7 : london, uk

^ world listening project

§ metapraxis ensemble w/ mar.marquez

16/7 : london, uk

§ nao maebayashi, fruit for the apocalypse

@ cafe oto

13/7 : london, uk

§ metapraxis ensemble

@ guildhall smd

30/5 : vilnius, lithuania

^ druskomanija festival

§ oneplusone

29/5 : vilnius, lithuania

^ druskomanija festival

§ in spe

24/3 : london, uk

§ carter wind ensemble

@ guildhall smd

10/3 : london, uk

§ london contemporary orchestra

@ brunel university

19/2 : london, uk

§ metapraxis ensemble

@ the space

18/2 : london, uk

§ metapraxis ensemble

@ brunel university

 16/2 : london, uk

§ research seminar w/ metapraxis ensemble

@ roehampton university

28/1 : athens, greece

§ alexandros theodorakopoulos

@ athenaeum

14/1 : huddersfield, uk

§ metapraxis ensemble

@ huddersfield university

10/12 : athens, greece

§ hellenic group of contemporary music

@ goethe institute

26/11 : london, uk

§ metapraxis ensemble

 @ roehampton university

19/09 : vilnius, lithuania

^ european capital of culture 2009

@ trade union palace

25/08 : ostrava, czech republic

^ ostrava days festival

§ quasars ensemble

26/4 : thessaloniki, greece

§ idée fixe

@ thermi culture centre

1/4 : london, uk

§ myrto loulaki, helena brown

@ roehampton university

 8 & 9/1 : chicago, usa

§ sonic inertia

@ sherwood conservatory of music


03, 04/11: london, uk

§ okeanos ensemble

@ guildhall smd

17/08: mazsalaca, latvia

§ quintus anima

06/07 : london, uk

^ ekon festival

§ andriana minou

16, 23 & 25/06 : london, uk

^ byam shaw

§ rachel greaves

 14/05 : london, uk

§ teresa vila

@ brunel university

23 & 24/04 : london, uk

§ roehampton chamber singers
& chamber orchestra

@ jubilee theatre (r.u.)

12/03 : athens, greece

§ lorenda ramou

@ aetopouleio concert hall

06/01 : athens, greece

§ myrto loulaki, andriana minou

@ matey dance school


14/12 : london, uk

§ myrto loulaki, andriana minou

@ barnes methodist church

14/10 : athens, greece

§ lorenda ramou, fluxus exhbition

@ benaki museum

21/03 : athens, greece

§ ilektra karanikola, georgia smerou

@ parnassos

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I am currently focusing on multi-disciplinary projects with Metapraxis, as well as other companies and individual artists.Some of this work can be found under the Dance/Theatre/Film and Music Theatre/Opera tabs below.

The most recent additions include:
the physical theatre & dance Electra UNTITLED, the sound installation Recycled Sounds, the composition Hestia, the video project don't shoot, it's just me and the physical theatre show An Ice Thing To Say.

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I am making music that tends to be structured around narratives; it has been described as sound scenography or sonic theatre as it often combines acoustical and visual elements.

Some of my compositions, such as the miniature opera Mirror, mirror on the wall, are written as much for actors as musicians. Others, such as Gluttony, tend towards a more instrumental theatre. I have also initiated and produced larger scale collaborative projects that extend beyond music and over other art forms (dance, theatre, video, creative writing, design): the shadow puppetry show Music Impossible, and the music & theatre performance Sisyphus Distressing.

I grew up in Greece, playing the violin and singing in choirs and vocal ensembles. Following a degree in Music Science and Art, I moved to the UK to study composition with Christopher Fox, Richard Barrett and Jennifer Walshe at Huddersfield and Brunel Universities.

Notable performances of my compositions include the quintet Fear (not) premiered by ensemble WienBerlin at the Wiener Konzerthaus, and the solo cello The Black Art of Obscurantism -a commission by the London Sinfonietta- performed by Olly Coates at the Southbank Centre. Also, the opera The Darkness of Mistico staged at the Greek National Opera House, the solo piano DIY 1: the pianist & the lamp performed by Philip Thomas at Kings Place, and Sisyphus Victimised for 9 musicians and video projection premiered by the London Symphony Orchestra’s Chamber Ensemble.

I co-found and direct the Metapraxis Ensemble (alongside Myrto Loulaki), setting up platforms for older and new music to coexist under the umbrella of interdisciplinary events and educational projects. Beyond presenting my own work, I have been curating and producing projects that feature the work of living composers/sound artists and also writers, visual artists and designers.

Recent educational projects include: [MUSIC:BUILDING], a creative composition concept that combines music-making and architecture (presented in a number of London’s primary schools), and #MUSICMAY2020, a series of 21 music activities for all ages and abilities (delivered online during the national lockdown).


Finalist of Kaleidoscope's Chamber Orch
20/21 Call for Scores (USA, LA)

Recipient of Emergency Response Fund
Arts Council - England (UK)

Recipient of Grant
Marchus Trust (UK)
for the project Music:Building

Recipient of funding support
Hinrichsen Foundation (UK)
for the project Sisyphus Distressing

Recipient of 'Grant for the Arts'
Arts Council - England (UK)
for the project Gluttony: Live to Drink

Recipient of 'Grant for the Arts'
Arts Council - England (UK)
for the project L'antigonie

Selected for Tenso's
Young Composers Workshop (Belgium)

Selected for Aldeburgh Music's
English Song Project (UK)

Recipient of 'Composer Bursary / Bliss Trust'
PRS for Music Foundation (UK)
for the opera The Darkness of Mistico

Recipient of 'Grant for the Arts'
Arts Council - England (UK)
for the project Music Impossible

Selected for London Sinfoniettas's
Writing the Future Scheme (UK)

Winner of Wiener Konzerthaus's
"Towards the next 100 years"
Int. Composition Competition (Austria)

Winner of Greek National Opera's
Open Call for Opera Projects
Nat. Composition Competition (Greece)

Winner of ABOUT Cultural Venue's
Residency with Angelica Cathariou (Greece)

Winner of Coventry University's
INTIME 2012 Symposium
Int. Composition Competition (UK)

Selected for London Symphony Orch's
LSO Soundhub Scheme (UK)

Selected for Temp'όra's International
Meeting for Musical Creation (France)

Selected for Orkest de Ereprijs's
Young Composers Meeting (Netherlands)

Selected for the Opera Group's
Mentoring Project (UK)

Finalist of Verona Academy's
Int. Chamber Opera Competition (Italy)

Selected for Darmstadt Music Institute's
Reading Sessions (Germany)

Selected for Fruit of the Apocalypse's
World Music Day (UK)

Finalist at the Synthermeia III
Int. Composition Competition (Greece)

Selected for Ostrava Days's
Institute & Festival (Czech Republic)

Selected for Vilnius 2009:
European Capital of Culture's Music
Visualisation Laboratory (Lithuania)

Winner of Sonic Inertia Ensemble's
Int. Chamber Music Competition (USA)

Selected for BMIC's Workshop
with Okeanos Ensebmle (UK)

Selected for Int. Wksp
for Young Composers (Latvia)

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Selected Works & Projects

    • Electra Untitled
      physical theatre & dance project (2023)

      Electra Untitled is a feminist/queer adaptation of the greek tragedy of Sophocles; Electra. Dance, puppetry and visual storytelling reconstruct Electra’s story, which she owns and rewrites through the lens of female gaze. Electra becomes a modern antihero; tangled in violence that runs for generations of patriarchal suppression.

      The performers transform the stage to retell the ancient myth and address Electra’s archetype to its core researching a feminist re-looking of the character and the tragedy as a whole. Electra Untitled adds a modern twist to an old narrative and brings forward the role of women who provoke change in times of hostility and dissolution.

      Concept/Adaptation/Direction: Mayra Stergiou
      Devised/Choreographed & Performed by: Susie Fairbrother, Christina Gyftaki, Pelagie-May Green, Depi Gorgogiani, Emilie Largier, Claire Monique Martin, Masumi Saito, Mayra Stergiou
      Recorded & Live Music by Greg Emfietzis

      • Recycled Sounds
        community project (2022)

        A collaborative sonic project created in the run-up to the Recycle Your Electricals exhibition (part of Trash to Treasure Fest). Electrical items were used as sound generators, alongside musical instruments, talking voices, building and environment sounds, and the singing of the three Landmark choirs.

        All recordings took place at the Landmark Arts Centre, Teddington
        Lyrics, Concept, Composition, Editing & Mixing by Greg Emfietzis
        Pirate Mark song – Music & Lyrics by Greg Emfietzis

        Choirs & Conductors:
        Mansong and Eleanor Rastall
        Landmark Sound and Ruth Evans
        Landmark Singers and Charles MacDougall

        Talking Voices:
        Debbie Bartlett
        Emily Burton
        Colin Newton
        Harper Ray
        Abigail Thomas

        Invited Artists:
        Daniel Figols (cello)
        Ilze Ikse (flutes)
        Myrto Loulaki (voice)

      • don't shoot, it's just me
        music video project (2020)

        In the dark, a pianist begins to play. (S)he continues, as though nothing is out of the ordinary, until unexpectedly a small table lamp lights up and (s)he stops, apparently under its spell. The light goes off, and (s)he starts to play again. This dialogue – music/dark; silence/light – continues with increasing agitation until finally the pianist takes control of the music and switches the lamp off for good.

        (Tim Rutherford-Jones on DIY 1: the pianist and the lamp)

        As part of a personal attempt to re-use/purpose/cycle/present older material, this is the 1st instalment of
        the DIYs reworked series.

        Composition & Videography : Gregory Emfietzis,
        Filming : Damian Posse,
        Poetry : Myrto Loulaki,
        Performance : Neil Georgeson

      • CONMOCIoN
        dance video project (2020)

        The 1st of 7 films under the title Duelo Por Un Tiempo Que Una Vez Fue by dancer/choreographer Piedad Albarracin Seiquer, supported by Reactivo cultural línea (Puertas de Castilla), and exhibited at Cuartel de Artillería (Murcia, Spain) throughout December ’20.

        Choreography, Performance & Videography: Piedad Albarracin Seiquer
        Music: Gregory Emfietzis

      • An Ice Thing To Say
        physical theatre & music project (2020)

        In an Icy land of ruins, a human being and a polar bear are meeting in an encounter of surviving the Anthropocene Era. “An Ice Thing to Say” blends Ice installation, music, movement and puppetry to explore our impact upon nature and compassion as a catalyst for change. Drawing on inspiration from Erich Fromm’s book ‘To Have or to Be?’ and Ecoscenography, we invite the audience into a multi sensory experience of our inner and outer icy landscapes. We attempt to challenge the idea that the human being is at the centre of the world and we attempt to construct an embodied inquire into ‘what has gone wrong?’ It was presented at the Reykjavik Fringe Festival 2020 (live, online) and at The Cockpit Theatre as part of Talos Science Fiction Theatre Festival 2020 (on demand).

        Associate Director: David Glass
        Concept / Scenography: Mayra Stergiou
        Sound Designer: Gregory Emfietzis
        Choreography: Piedad Albarracin Seiquer
        Puppet Maker: Raven Kaliana
        Co-Scenography / Costume Design: Elisabeth Leau
        Devised and performed by: Piedad Albarracin Seiquer, Gregory Emfietzis, Mayra Stergiou
        Video Performer/ Mask Maker: Stella Evangelia
        Singing: Myrto Loulaki
        Filming: Theo Prodromidis
        Production: Vertebra Theatre

        Duration: 60 min.

      • At the heart of things
        physical theatre & music project (2018/19)

        At the heart of things’ is a dance theatre performance inspired by Oscar Wilde’s De Profundis. We use dance, puppetry, live music and devised text to create a contemporary adaptation of De Profundis diving in to female sexuality, queer identity and homophobia.

        Performers: Piedad Albarracin Seiquer, Depi Gorgogiani, Jennie Rawling
        Live Musician: Gregory Emfietzis
        Directed/conceived: Mayra Stergiou
        Music Composer: Gregory Emfietzis
        Puppet Maker: Kelly Frost
        Set Design: Loukia Minetou
        Choreography Support: Adrian Look

        ”Truly enjoyable, sensitive piece of dance theatre” London Live Post
        “An innovative take on De profundis and an arresting exploration of female sexuality” A younger theatre’

        Duration: 60 min.

      • Dark Matter
        theatre project (2015-18)

        People say your whole life flashes in front of your eyes before you die but what happens when you have dementia? Where does the brain go before we die? Alfi, an elder astrophysicist with dementia guides us into his universe, a world of star constellations. Dark matter theory and black holes merge in a race against the clock to distinguish fantasy from reality and discover meaning.

        Puppeteers: Adam Courting, Daniel Finn, Aurora Adams, Alicia Britt, Jennie Rawling
        Performer: Piedad Albarracin Seiquer
        Directed/conceived: Mayra Stergiou
        Writers: Eirini Dermitzaki & Mayra Stergiou
        Music Composer: Gregory Emfietzis
        Puppet Maker: Kelly Frost
        Dramaturg: Tilly Lunken
        Set Design: Stella Evangelia, Mayra Stergiou

        ***** ‘Beautifully done’ Fringe Review
        **** ‘Beautiful visualisations’ FringeGuru
        **** ‘Wonderful Production’ LondonTheatre
        **** ‘Excellent production’ Southside Advertiser
        **** ‘The joy of this piece is the rarity of its exploration’ The Upcoming
        **** ‘Mesmerising’ In CoventGarden
        ”Those eyes will stay with me for a long time.​” The British Theatre Guide
        “Dark Matter harnesses everything puppetry has to offer” A Younger Theatre
        ‘Wonderfully Whimsical’ The Guardian

        Duration: 60 min.

      • L antigonie
        dance & music project (2015)

        Dance and music realization of Antigone, based on J.Cocteau’s version of the original myth. A tribute for the hundred anniversary of the Armenian genocide of 1915. The project was supported by the Arts Council England, UAL Univerity of the Arts London and ACOSS International Artist Residency Program. It was presented at TripSpace (London) and HighFest (Yerevan, Armenia)

        Choreography & Direction : Aline Derderian,
        Music : Gregory Emfietzis

        Duration: 60 min.

      • Défigure sur la plage inerte
        dance video project (2014)

        Défigure sur la plage inert (Disfigure on the inert beach): Self initiated piece of choreography for two dancers.

        Choreography & Direction : Aline Derderian,
        Interpretation : Jessica Calzolari & Aurélie Peronne
        Filmmaking : Mille Fischer Christensen, Music : Gregory Emfietzis

      • Music Impossible
        music & shadow puppet theatre project (2012/13)

        In a city from which music has been forcefully banned, a group of citizens secretly manage to discover the truth about the missing sounds and colours. This is a theatrical music performance, devised and composed by Gregory Emfietzis (based on M.Loulaki’s fairy tale), and presented as a shadow puppetry show. The project was supported by the Arts Council and LSO Soundhub and was produced and performed by the Metapraxis Ensemble [May/June 2013].

        Composer/Dramatist: Gregory Emfietzis, Director: Charlotte Ive,
        Scenographer: Ingrid Hu, Puppet Maker/Puppeteer: Jo Lakin

        Duration: 60 min.

      • Liquid Evolution
        dance & music project (2010)

        Composer Gregory Emfietzis and choreographer Mariana Lucia Marquez weave together sound and movement developed from her daily dance meditations by Lavender Pond and the Thames in South East London. In dialogue with musicians Myrto Loulaki (singer, multi-instrumentalist) and Guilermina Chivite (violin) of Metapraxis Ensemble, Marquez renders an in-the-moment interpretation of Emfietzis’ score. The project was presented as part of the Fruit For The Apocalypse’s Soundscapes of East London festival (World Listening Day 2010).

        Sound: Gregory Emfietzis, Movement: Marina Marquez,
        Costume: Monica Soto Paredes

      • Hestia
        for percussion & electronics (+lamp) (2020-21)

        Hestia is a board game / composition for a single player and remotely controlled media. An experimental approach to composition with a set of rules and directions that gradually allow the performer to create their own version of the piece.

        It was commissioned by percussionist Angela Wai Nok Hui (funds from Arts Council England & Hong Kong Arts Development Council) and performed in Hong Kong, UK and The Netherlands (Gaudeamus Festival Sep’22).

        Duration: ca 15 min.

      • Sisyphus Distressing
        music & theatre project (2017-20)

        Sisyphus Distressing is an experimental music & theatre show, built around the myth of Sisyphus, as it was seen through the eyes of Albert Camus. It compares the absurdity of man’s life with the situation of Sisyphus, a figure of Greek mythology who was condemned to repeat forever the same meaningless task of pushing a boulder up a mountain, only to see it roll down again. A typical fairy tale, it explores endless repetition and meaninglessness, struggle and failure, as well as (some sort of controversial) hope for what might come next…

        It was premiered at IKLECTIK (London, Nov’17). Devised by Gregory Emfietzis, Sisyphus Distressing focuses on the values, ethics and struggles of modern society, inspired by the well-known myth. A highly emotional sonic journey melded with a variety of non-musical elements, including drama, lighting, movement, and video. The project is supported by the Arts Council of England and the Hinrichsen Foundation.

        Curator/Dramatist: Gregory Emfietzis, Videographer: Kyveli Anastasiadi,
        Filmo/Photographer: Edd Cross, Videographer: Damian Posse,
        Director: Mayra Stergiou (direction).

        Duration: ca 90 min.

      • The Darkness of Mistico (opera)
        for three singers, 15 musicians & women choir (rev.2013)

        An opera (libretto by M.Loulaki): Somewhere between Greece and Italy, somewhen lost in space-time. The plot follows the lives and deaths of two identical souls: Orpheus and Mistico. Orpheus is a mythical figure whose legacy continues even today; Mistico is a modern age man with this legacy as his burden. Produced by the Greek National Opera, with GNO orchestra (conducted by N.Vassiliou) and singers Elena Marangou, Eleni Liona, Yannis Filias [Athens, June 2013].

        Duration: ap. 45 min.

      • Mirror, mirror on the wall
        for 4 instrumentalists/actors (2011)

        A six-word miniature opera, partly based on the story of Snow White. Commissioned and premiered by James Young (pno) and the Warehouse Ensemble (UK), during the Tête à Tête opera festival [London, August 2011].

        Duration: 3-5 min.

      • DIY4. stimulating the cellist's melatonin
        for cello, viola, vocalist (+lamp) OR solo cello (+lamp) (2010)

        The 4rth piece of the DIY series, and part of the Metapraxis IV: …a dream [within a dream]… project, the piece continues exploring the use of light as a muted musical instrument. Premiered by Samara Ginsberg (vc) and the Metapraxis Ensemble, as part of musicOrbit‘s showcase events [London, November 2010].

        Duration: 6 min.

      • DIY1. the pianist and the lamp
        for piano (+lamp) (2007)

        The 1st piece of the DIY series, exploring the role and function of a lamp as a muted musical instrument inside a chamber music situation. Premiered by the Greek pianist Lorenda Ramou, as part of the Benaki Museum’s FLUXUS : “Not for sale” exhibition in Athens [Athens, October 2007]. Recording by Nao Maeyabashi [London, 2010].

        Duration: 8-10 min.

      • Little is left to tell
        for solo cello (2018/19)

        “Saw the dear face and heard the unspoken words. 
No need to go to him again, even were it in you power.
 Nothing is left to tell.” – S.Beckett. Commissioned and premiered by Loukia Loulaki (Greece) as part of the Borough New Music: Series 12 [London, January 2019].

        Duration: 15 min.

      • Gluttony: Live to Drink
        for flutes, percussion & bottlephone (2017/18)

        “I have absolutely no pleasure in the stimulants in which I sometimes so madly indulge. It has not been in the pursuit of pleasure that I have periled life and reputation and reason. It has been the desperate attempt to escape from torturing memories, from a sense of insupportable loneliness and a dread of some strange impending doom.” – Edgar A. Poe. Premiered by James Wilson & Tenley Martin (UK) – Recording by Ilze Ikse (Latvia) & Angela Wai Nok Hui (Hong Kong), as part of the project Sisyphus Distressing [London, November 2017].

        Duration: 21 min.

      • The black art of obscurantism
        for solo cello (& bass drum) (2013, rev.2017)

        “The essential element in the black art of obscurantism is not that it wants to darken individual understanding, but that it wants to blacken our picture of the world, and darken our idea of existence.” – F. Nietzsche. Premiered by Olly Coates (UK) – Recording by Loukia Loulaki (Greece) during the WISE: Wien festival [Vienna, July 2017].

        Duration: 8 min.

      • The Book of the Dead (3 songs)
        for voice & piano (2014)

        A short song cycle based on poetry by Rebecca Perry (poetry & music written as part of the Britten-Pears / Aldeburgh Music ‘English Song Project 2014’). Premiered by R.Edgar-Wilson (ten) & H.Watkins (pno) – Recording by V.Conacher (m.sop) & J.Barnoin (pno) [London, July 2014].

        Duration: 10 min.

      • Temporality
        for fem.voice & clarinet (2011)

        A scene in a psychopathic hospital, between a patient locked in a room and a close relative waiting outside. Commissioned and premiered by New York-based duo NOISE-BRIDGE, Christie Finn (sop) and Felix Behringer (cl) [New York, May 2011].

        Duration: 3 min.

      • Routines
        for violin & piano (2005)

        The piece explores the human need of creating and maintaining routines, and their rather destressing results in human relationships. Premiered by duo Norway-based OnePlusOne during Druskomanija 2010 festival – Recording by duo Ergon-a-Taston (Greece), Tania Sikelianou (vln) & Angelika Papanikolaou (pno) [Athens, May 2013].

        Duration: 10 min.

      • Implied Failure
        for 7 instrumentalists {b.fl b.cl 2vln vla vc db} (2009)

        The first in a series of semi-improvised pieces experimenting with visual and acoustic communication between performers. Commissioned by the Greek Composers Union and premiered by the Greek Contemporary Music Ensemble, conducted by Theodore Antoniou [Athens, December 2009].

        Duration: up to 11 min.

      • Shot II: Orpheus & Eurydice
        for m.sopr. & 5 instrum. {cl b.drum pno vln vc} (2008/09)

        An imaginary sequel of the Orpheus & Eurydice myth, based on poetry by Myrto Loulaki. Premiered by ensemble Idée Fixe (Greece) – Recording from a multi-disciplinary performance, as part of the Vilnius Cultural Capital of Europe 2009 programme [Lithuania, September 2009].

        Duration: 11 min.

      • Fear (not)
        for woodwind quintet (2008)

        The piece is acoustically, visually and conceptually based around the idea of facing or not (facing away from) our everyday fears. Premiered by Ensemble Wien-Berlin (musicians of the Berlin & Vienna Philharmonics), as part of the Wiener Konzerthaus’s Composition Competition Towards the next 100 years [Vienna, June 2013].

        Duration: 7 min.

      • How to... corrupt someone
        for 5 instrumentalists {en.hn b.cl harp vla vc} (2008)

        Using the harpist as the “soloist”, the piece explores the use of the performers’ physical gestures as an integral part of the composition. Premiered by the Okeanos Ensemble (UK) – Recording by the Quasars Ensemble (Czech Rep.), during the Ostrava Days Festival [Ostrava, August 2009].

        Duration: 10 min.

      • Pictures of ...a journey
        for m.soprano & 5 instrum. {fl cl perc pno vc} (2004/05)

        A presentation of different shots taken from a reverted story about a …strange journey. The English version of the work was created in 2005, with texts by the composer and the use of E.A.Poe’s poem Lenore. Premiered by Firebird Ensemble (UK) – Recording by Chicago based ensemble Sonic Inertia (USA) [Chicago, January 2009].

        Duration: 21 min.

      • Sisyphus Victimised
        for 9 musicians, conductor & video projection (2013)

        “The gods had condemned Sisyphus to ceaselessly rolling a rock to the top of a mountain, whence the stone would fall back of its own weight. They had thought with some reason that there is no more dreadful punishment than futile and hopeless labor” – A.Camus. This work has been commissioned 
and premiered by the London Symphony Orchestra as part of the LSO Soundhub scheme [London, January 2014].

        Composer: Gregory Emfietzis, Conductor: Daniel Cohen
        Video Maker: Kyveli Anastassiadi

        Duration: 12 min.

      • ...our saviours...
        for three female voices & 14 musicians (2010/11)

        “[For] the […] people, please [say] “NO” … for a little bit of democracy, for sovereignty, for some power to [everyone on this planet] ”. Premiered by the Dutch Orkest de Ereprijs [Apeldoorn, February 2012].

        Duration: 3 min.

      • Oneway Implications
        for 10 musicians (2010)

        The second in a series of semi-improvised pieces experimenting with visual and acoustic communication between performers. Recording by the London Contemporary Orchestra, conducted by Peter Wiegold [London, March 2010].

        Duration: up to 12 min.

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